West Park Hospital demo/conversion update

Seems that the conversion and demolition of West Park Hospital is going well. There are a number of new build houses on site with people living in them, and an old villa has been converted into a rather swish house. TheTimeChamber took the opportunity to grab some progress shots today, the builders were not to amused though and followed us around. Luckily we stuck to the footpaths and took our sweet ass time.

2 sales offices are there for the 2 different parts of the site, the whole development is now known as Noble Park. The existing cottage hospital and pathology services are still on site.

It’s nice to see the original airing court shelters refurbished and landscaped. This is a nice touch and mirrors some other conversions such as at Haywards Heath.

Interestingly one of the buildings is completely fenced off and not to be converted or demo’d yet due to a rare breed of bat roosting there.

We will continue to post updates on the site as and when we can!