Below are a collection of links to like minded places and reference sites that are related to the content found within TheTimeChamber

Reference Sites & Forums

County Asylums UK
A UK Website chronicling the history of the Asylums throughout the Britain. This is the relaunched version after the original website was taken offline back around 2012.

Shoreham Fort
This is a local based website dedicated to the History surrounding Shoreham Fort, the only surviving Redoubt on the South Coast of its style.

Subterranea Britannica
Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made H(including Nuclear Bunkers) and man-used underground places.

Bexley Hospital
Website containing a History of Bexley Hospital, along with exclusive photos, documents and memories from a hospital that closed in 2001.

CarpetBaggers Museum, Harrington
A UK Based Museum dedicated to the history of Harrington Airfield and the USAAF’s 801st/492nd Bomber Group – The CarpetBaggers.

Oblivion State
Another small UK exploring forum, filled with friendly people and top photographs.

Untergrund Brandenburg
A German site that has motivated TheTimeChamber to get out and explore the German countryside.

Chernobyl Gallery
A comprehensive set of photographs from ‘the zone’ so that you can enjoy them all from the safety of your own home!

Explorer Sites

Whateversleft, a collection of photographs and reports on abandoned & derelict sites throughout the UK from Tumbles, the man in Bristol. Also the mastermind and webking behind the relaunch of the County Asylums website.

Urban Decay

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