Below are a collection of links to like minded places and reference sites that are related to the content found within TheTimeChamber

Reference Sites & Forums

County Asylums UK
A UK Website chronicling the history of the Asylums throughout the Britain. This is the relaunched version after the original website was taken offline back around 2012.

Shoreham Fort
This is a local based website dedicated to the History surrounding Shoreham Fort, the only surviving Redoubt on the South Coast of its style.

High Royds Hospital
An Historical Archive of images and patient/staff accounts from the now closed former West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Menston produced by SilverStealth.

Subterranea Britannica
Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made H(including Nuclear Bunkers) and man-used underground places.

Bexley Hospital
Website containing a History of Bexley Hospital, along with exclusive photos, documents and memories from a hospital that closed in 2001.

CarpetBaggers Museum, Harrington
A UK Based Museum dedicated to the history of Harrington Airfield and the USAAF’s 801st/492nd Bomber Group – The CarpetBaggers.

Three Counties Asylum
A small site dedicated to the Three Counties Asylum in fairfield, containing many archive photos, anecdotes and artifacts.

Middlewood Asylum
Another site dedicated to a now since demolished asylum in Yorkshire.  Contains hundreds of archive photographs.

Oblivion State
Another small UK exploring forum, filled with friendly people and top photographs.

Untergrund Brandenburg
A German site that has motivated TheTimeChamber to get out and explore the German countryside.

Chernobyl Gallery
A comprehensive set of photographs from ‘the zone’ so that you can enjoy them all from the safety of your own home!

Explorer Sites

Past Remnants
Lilli is back online after closing her website a few years ago, she has been back out and about and started a new one.  Check it out, we hope her older reports should be back soon. Expect

Whateversleft, a collection of photographs and reports on abandoned & derelict sites throughout the UK from Tumbles, the man in Bristol. Also the mastermind and webking behind the relaunch of the County Asylums website.

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