Our favourite photos from 2017

Done some exploring last year. Visited a few places. Here’s are some highlights and our favourite photos:

West Ham Magistrates’ and Coroners’ Court, Stratford.

West Ham Courts

Bron Y Garth Hospital Casual Ward,

Leri Tweed Mills, Mid-Wales

Ystrad Einon Copper Mine

Tower Colliery, Hirwaun, Wales

Railway Sidings, Sussex

London Road Deep Shelter, Portsmouth

AEI / WT Henley’s Cable Works Deep Shelter, Gravesend

Siniai Bobsled Track

Group Fortification Verdun

Gros Ouvrage Michelsberg

Post Script: We had started to write some gumph to go with the photos, but we wouldn’t normally do this sort of post and didn’t know what to write without it screaming ‘look at me’. So we deleted it and decided to let the pictures do the talking. It has been a fun year with many miles travelled. Lets see what 2018 brings, we expect it’ll be a bit quieter.