eBay Finds

As many people discover, eBay is a dangerous place.  Idle browsing and impulses can lead to some interesting purchases!  You are not alone, we do the same thing.   In the past few years, we have brought innumerable items that are related to the website and other activities.  Books, postcards, photographs, plans, meters, all now clutter up our houses.

carlton hayes resize

Every now and then something special appears in our searches, and we compulsively snap it up as we are powerless to resist! You may have noticed over the last few months that we have uploaded a lot of supporting information to some of the places we have visited.  This is a selection of what we have found online.  We have more sitting on our shelves, and one day we will sit down and post it.  This will include a huge cache of photos and information from the now demolished Carlton Hayes Hospital in Leicestershire.

The articles we have found can be seen on the following pages; Hellingly Hospital, Cane Hill Hospital, Graylingwell Hospital, St Crispins Hospital, The Epsom Cluster, Halberstadt and more!

So here is a small selection of what we have found, and uploaded, over the last few months.