Archive Photos around the web

Recently, Subbrit released a whole wealth of photos from their archives and it made us think, wouldn’t it be useful to have one place where we can list out other archives we have found.

Firstly, the Subbrit Collection:

A Flickr Collection from Herrison Hosiptal (Asylum) before it was converted:

A huge Flickr collection of Victorian Hospital Postcards:

A Flickr Collection of Warlingham Hospital, Croydon, before demoltion:

The Essex County Photo Archive, try searching for photos from Severalls, Warley and Runwell Hospitals:

USAF Upper Heyford – photos from the 80’s:

Geograph – a great photo resource for old places.  Try searching for Barnsley Hall, Powick and St Mary’s:

Photobox is always a good place for collections:

Whittingham Hospital

Do you have any websites that you use for Archive images, if so, let us know in the comments box below and we will add them (with a credit)