The Website

If we are honest, it is not what we had ever expected. It started as somewhere to post a few photos that we had taken so that we could share them to the wider world through the wonder of the internet. Being at university and having time on our hands we began to read about the buildings we had been visiting and began to develop a keen interest into their histories. Luckily, we found a few useful books and it started to expand. Then it expanded a little more and ballooned a to an unmanageable size and we redesigned it to become more functional, and then set about expanding again. We started out with a few page hits a day and didn’t see much growth until Virgin Media picked up our page after a ‘Most Haunted’ program on Denbigh Hospital and the traffic flooded in – if this hadn’t happened, I expect we would have lost interest. The past decade has led to a rather comprehensive site, not only filled with photos, but a wealth of researched information and a blog filled with inane ramblings of our mishaps and adventures.

We eventually decided that the website should be split down into two sections, Places we have explored and a section dedicated to our photography exploits unrelated to our explores. Have a look around, we hope you enjoy it!

Modified: 17th Apr 2020