Paperwork, Journals and Literature

Operation Paperwork

In this section you will find some details of Corps training manuals, post paperwork and other associated literature.  Some are PDF downloads, but our scanner is on the blink so the rest are photos. We will replace these with PDF in due course (written Sept 2018)

PDF downloads. Right click the link and select ‘save as’

Post Equipment Inventory

WB1400 Test Message Form

Post Inspection Form

Post Inspection Form (early)

Hand Cranked Fallout Warning Syren Operating Instructions
Training Record Card
Post Exercise Report
Transition To War
Post Directory
Record of Attendance – Exercises
Training Meeting Report Form
Diplomatic Sighting
Training non-attendance
Form GZI
Windspeed Scale
Cluster log Form
Cluster log Form
Post Log Form
Post Log form
Transition to War SOR Form
Post Triangulation Record Form
Post Reporting Narrative Form
SUPMET Observation Log
Post Log
SUPMET Observation Form
Sitrep Form
Post Diary
Mobile Monitoring Report Form
Radiac Dose Record Form
Post Visit Form
BPI Training Form
Mobile Monitoring Deployment form
Mobile Monitoring Log
Fallout Warning Maroons Operating Instructions

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