Reserve Home Forces Headquarters, Wentworth

The Wentworth estate, which is infamous for its world class golf course, was commandeered at the outbreak of world war two and became a military encampment just outside of Virginia Water in Surrey.  The bunker was constructed as a back-up control bunker in the event that the main one, under Whitehall was destroyed during the heavy bombardment of London by the Luftwaffe; its layout is identical to that of the Whitehall bunker.

The most unique feature of the tunnels are that they are constructed of surplus London underground cast iron tubes, used in the construction of the tube lines and stations.   It is constructed of two tubes, with a smaller diameter tube as an access tube running between the two larger tubes.Wentworth had been earmarked by General Sir Alan Brooke, Commander in Chief Home Forces, as his headquarters in the event of an invasion by the Germans, instead it was used by the 21st Army Group as a signals centre in the lead up to D-Day.

A special mention is made to MarkR who put in an immense amount of research and dedication to discover the history of this bunker

Modified: 22nd Dec 2020