Paulsgrove Secure Radio Station, Portsmouth

Whilst building the Underground Headquarters (UGHQ) under Fort Southwick nearby (operation Overlord command centre), the Army built into the face of the Paulsgrove chalk pit a secure radio station. This was to provide the communications for the UGHQ. It was sited some distance away so that the large aerial arrays would not attract enemy bombers attention to the UGHQ under the fort. The Radio station is approximately half a mile from Fort Southwick. Remains of the aerial array bases and mooring points can be seen directly above the site. The site was built in 1942. It is built over two levels and is lined with corrugated steel sheets. There is a main entrance tunnel, two interior areas and an escape tunnel. The tunnels are dry and in good condition with only one of the rooms showing some fire damage.

Modified: 27th Dec 2017