Longcross Barracks, Chertsey, Surrey

Not much is known about the reason for Longcross Barracks, it can only be assumed that it was there to protect the MOD defence research establishment close by and was not used for a fighting unit.  It was constructed in the either the 60s or 70s and is of typical barracks construction, there was an officers mess, kitchens, living quarters, teaching rooms and a guardhouse.  It was a secure sight used for residential purposes for the soldiers involved in testing military vehicles at the nearby test facility.

A former worker of the base has spoken to TheTimeChamber and provided us with the following information:

The accomodation was split between Male & Female Military, with the Males being down stairs, the Female contingent consisted mainly of stewardess staff serving the Officers Mess which is located in the test track and the Seargents Mess located in camp.

The NAFFI bar (Track and Wheel Club) was the focal point of the camp.

The works mainly consisted of support teams carrying out automotive testing of in service & potential new armoured and soft skin support vehicles, typical tours lasted 2 years. Soldiers came form most of the regiments so we had a real mixed bag of experiance and knowledge. 

Modified: 6th Nov 2017