ROTOR Bunker List

After the Soviet Union detonated its first Atom Bomb in 1949, and with its capability to reach the United Kingdom with Nuclear Bombs delivered from the Tu-4 Bull bomber, the United Kingdom rethought its air defence network.  With great expediency, the Government commissioned the Cherry Report in 1949, which made recommendations that the 170 existing Royal Air Force radar stations around the country be reduced to 66 sites and the electronics extensively overhauled and upgraded.  With the changes in technology and defence needs a decade, these ROTOR stations have been closed, mothballed, modified or sold off.

To read more about the ROTOR site codes/site designators and how they came about, have a read of this blog post we published on the subject. ROTOR Site Codes ‘decoded’

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We have produced a Google Earth File detailing the location of the ROTOR RADAR stations around the United Kingdom that can be viewed at Google maps, here. This list and map does not cover the World War II Chain Home RADAR network. Any photographs of a station we have visited can be viewed by following through the hyperlinks on the Station name.

By clicking on the column headers on the table below, the table can be sorted into alphabetical or numerical order.

Site Name Site Designator Locaton Site Purpose
Aird Uig WIU NB 047390 R10 CEW Type 80
Anstruther  FAT NO 568808 R3 Type 80
Barnton Quarry MHA NT 203748 R4 SOC Caledonian
Bawburgh WRK TG 165080 R4 SOC Eastern
Bawdsey PKD TM 347388 R3 GCI(E)
Beachy Head HEB TV 590959 R1 CEW Type 80
Bempton RMF TA 192736 R1 CEW
Boulmer EZS NU 240125 R3 GCI Type 80
Box  XOB ST 850690 SOC Southern
Buchan GBU NK 113408 R3 GCI Type 80
Calvo  CAL NY 144545 R8 GCI
Charmy Down  CHA ST 768702 R8 GCI
Chenies HAM TQ 015997 R8 GCI
Cold Hesledon IDW NZ 417468 R1 CEW/CHEL
Comberton  COB SO 968461 R8 GCI
Crosslaw HCV NT 880680 R2 CHEL
Fairlight GWB TQ 862113 R2 CHEL(A)
Faraid Head RAI NC 389714 R10 CEW Type 80
Foreness WJW TR 385710 R2 CHEL
Gailes FUL NS 327361 R8 GCI Type 80
Goldsborough JEX NZ 830138 R2 CHEL(A)
Hack Green HAK SJ 647483 R6 RGHQ
Hartland Point HAT SS 237277 R8 GCI
Holmpton VQJ TA 367225 R3 GCI(B) Type 80
Hope Cove HOP SX 716374 R6 RGHQ
Hopton TOH TM 540990 R2 CHEL(B)
Inverbervie LGZ NO 841734 R1 CEW
Kelvedon Hatch XSL TQ 561995 R4 SOC Metropolitan
Kilchiaran ECK NR 207616 R11 CHEL
Killard Point/Bishops Court DBW IJ 605435 R8 GCI Type 80
Langtoft LAT TF 155129 R6 GCI Type 80
Longley Lane LOA SD 541365 SOC Western
Murlough Bay URB ID 213407 R11 CHEL
Neatishead  BWP TG 346184 R3 GCI SOC
Portland NIB SY 696735 R1 CEW
Prestatyn SYP SJ 079819 R11 CHEL
Sandwich YTM TR 303574 R3 GCI Type 80
Saxa Vord AXA HP 629165 R10 CEW Type 80
Scarinish FLY NM 032456 R8 GCI Type 80
Seaton Snook DYR NZ 519280 R3 GCI Type 80
Shipton KFY SE 542618 R4 SOC Northern
Skendleby  UPI TF 438709 R3 GCI
Snaefell MOI SC 397869 R11 CHEL
Sopley AVO SZ 163977 R3 GCI Type 80
St Annes  SAN SD 348303 R8 GCI
St Margarets AGC TR 370451 R1
St Twynnells TWY SR 944976 R6 GCI Type 80
Treleaver TEL SW 766174 R6 GCI(B) Type 80
Trewan Sands TES SH 322754 R8 GCI
Trimingham QLE TG 290385 R1 CEW Type 80 CHEL
Truleigh Hill  SNG TQ 224109 R2 CHEL
Ventnor OJC SZ 565784 R1 CEW Type 80
Wartling ZUN TQ 662088 R3 GCI Type 80
Wick IKA ND 326537 R8 GCI

Modified: 23rd Aug 2017