RAF Treleaver ‘TEL’ R6 GCI ROTOR Radar Station, Cornwall

RAF Treleaver is an R6 designated Ground Control Intercept ROTOR Radar Station. It is of the semi sunken 2 storey design blockhouse. The site still has various structures extant including all the Radar plinths, Guard Room House, Kennels and the Type 80 Radar modulator building in an adjacent field.

RAF Treleaver was scheduled for completion in 1953 and was fully operational by 1956. The radar station closed two years later in 1958 and the site was purchased by the owner of the surrounding land and the buildings were are now used for agricultural and light indutrial purposes. The upstairs of the R6 blockhouse is used as a brewery by the Lizard Ales Company and the sunken downstairs level is used to store farm equipment and machinery. To facilitate this several large holes have been cut into the outside walls and the interior mostly remodelled to fit with its current uses. The type 80 modulator building is used as a fodder store and several of the radar plinths house chickens!

Inside much has been stripped but some remnants of original air conditioning vents and plant can be seen as well as some mounting plinths for various radar and GPO equipment.

Modified: 27th Dec 2017