Massow Camp, Germany

Staff Command Bunker of the Elite Stasi Feliks E. Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment in Massow

This is a Stasi forward control bunker for administering command of Stasi troops in the Brandenburg and Massow military area during movements and training. Specifically it was for the control and command of the Feliks E. Dzerhinsky Guards Regiment, this was the elite motorized regiment of the Stasi. As it was the only highly visible bit of the Stasi they were both feared and hated by the general population. The regiment was named after Feliks Dzerhinsky who was the founder of the Soviet Secret Police. The mission of the regiment was the protection of the Party Elite, security of party facilities and buildings (such as the Elite Party members vilage at Wandlitz) and the settling of political unrest and rebellion. The regiment was divided into 5 ‘Commands’ sections. This bunker was for the command of ‘Command 3’ which was based in Teupitz and was the only section with heavy weapons such as artillery, howitzers, anti-tank guns and heavy machine guns.

This bunker had been demolished comprehensively on the surface so we had to search around on the forest floor for the submarine hatch emergency exit which we duly found and descended. The surface structures appeared to consist of fencing, a guard post and then some sort of concrete entrance building over the bunker entrance itself as well as the remote generator. It is very similar in layout to the previously visited bunkers at Wandlitz, Bad Berka, and Erfurt but on a smaller scale, approximately half the size of the Bad Berka bunker. This bunker had remains of communications equipment, phone lines, air filtration various other pieces of equipment. Immediately apparent in the bunker was the lack of a standby generator – a bit of investigating and we found nearby the remote generator bunker all extant and accessible but sadly without the generator. The bunker remains in reasonable condition although quite stripped, with just 6 inches of water in the main entrance. This is probably due to the fact it is very well hidden, is hard to find and is about 2 miles walk through sandy heathland.

Additional information and plan sourced from Untergrund Brandenburg.

Modified: 27th Dec 2017