Lossa Soviet 118th Intelligence Corp Command Bunker, Germany

Bunker number TO307 is a bunker that formed part of the Soviet Command area of Lossa in the former East Germany. It was an advanced communications, command and control bunker built in the 1960’s and used by the 118th Intelligence Corps. It was extended in the 1970’s and occupied an area of around 54800 square feet and consisted of around 30 different rooms. Part of the bunker was demolished at some point, perhaps during renovation or after the Soviets left.

The bunker is in fairly good condition for a Soviet bunker, in that it wasnt as heavily stripped as some as it was sealed very shortly after the Soviet units left in 1993. There is remains of communications wiring, lighting, notice boards, electrical supplies, plant equipment and filtration. There were also some remains of soviet gasmasks, soldiers boots and discarded soviet food packaging. We also found a family of mice living deep within the bunker. There was around 6 to 8 inches of clear water through out most areas but the fabric of the bunker was fairly intact.

For additional information visit https://www.sachsenschiene.net/bunker/bun5/bun_483.htm

Modified: 27th Dec 2017