Erfurt Civil Defense Bunker, Germany

This small bunker was built as a public air raid shelter for the district of Erfurt. During peacetime it was used as a car garage with a double door providing access. In the event of war the double door would be bricked up with special radiation proof bricks (stored inside) and access would then be by foot via a series of blast doors.

The bunker has air ventilation and filtration, water, toilets, power and a small docontamination area. It is comprised of a large central area with 4 small alcoves (8 in total) on either side. The toilets and utility plant are in self contained rooms off the main chamber. It is not known when the air raid shelter was built or why in this area, but it is assumed it was built in the 1960’s or 70’s. There is a large DDR era factory complex nearby and there is also a large factory complex dating from WW2 also within the vicinity that was also in use during the DDR period.


The bunker is now in private hands, and casual visits are not permitted. We were lucky enough to be invited by the owner who showed us around and cooked us a superb barbecue.

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Modified: 23rd May 2022