Ex-Southern Water Emergency Control Bunker, Chatham, Kent

In the 1980s southern water constructed three emergency nuclear bunkers, they were in Breade, Twyford and Chatham; this being the Chatham bunker. They were constructed for engineers to use as a control centre in order to allow them to reinstate safe water supplies after a nuclear war. The bunker was constructed in a disused reservoir, although it was completed it was never fitted out except for the basics and never manned. The bunker has stood empty for nearly thirty years and is in exceptionally good condition.


UPDATE 2012.

TheTimeChamber found themselves in Kent on family business and decided to check up on the current status of this site. Entry was the same, and power is still on in the bunker but it is comprehensively stripped of almost all fittings. On Google Earth it is possible to see a van parked in the compound with the doors open. As to who stripped it we aren’t sure. Presumably Southern Water. Why leave the power on though??

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Modified: 10th May 2023