Bexley Heath Council Emergency Control Bunker, London

This purpose-built bunker for Bexley Council was constructed in 1953 in the Broadway, Bexleyheath. When built it stood alone but the Bexley Civic Office has now been built on top of it although the only access is from an enclosed open square in the centre of the complex.

The bunker is still extant but there has been sewage ingress as well as mould throughout and the air is poor. Various items from the cold war era still remain as well as various modern emergency planning material. The standby generator, toilets, maps, ventilation system, communications room which contains an SX2000 Emergency Communications Network (ECN) unit, a tilting bed to deal with injuries and the emergency exit hatch all still remain. The emergency exit consists of a small blast door that gives access to a horizontal concrete pipe with a ladder up to the square above, however it has been capped at the top. The bunker was de-comissioned in 2003 but there remains in situ various pieces of paperwork and information about civil defence and emergency planning.

The bunker was demolished in 2015.



Modified: 10th May 2023