Middlesex Hospital Chapel, London

The first Middlesex Hospital opened in 1745 as the Middlesex Infirmary in Windmill Street, London.  It moved to Mortimer Street in 1757 and was incorporated in 1836 by an Act of Parliament.  In 1924 the building was found to be structurally unstable and was to be rebuilt and the rebuild was completed with out ever closing the hospital.  The hospital finally closed in December 2005 with only the frontage and chapel being Grade II listed.

Middlesex Hospital Chapel

West Middlesex Chapel

Part of the now demolished Middlesex Hospital complex this ‘Italian Gothic’ style chapel sits in the middle of a vast building site. The chapel is Grade II listed and was retained when all the other hospital buildings around it were demolished in 2008, The chapel is going to form the centre piece of the redevelopment of the area. It was built in 1891 under architect John Loughborough Pearson but when he died before it was completed, his son Frank finished the building in 1929. It is quite ordinary looking from outside but the interior is an absolute hidden gem with gold leaf, marble and exquisite mosaic work adorning all the walls and ceilings. This rates as the best small space that thetimechamber has ever visited.

Modified: 27th Dec 2017