Leri Tweed Mills, Mid-Wales

The Leri Woolen Mills are situated at the confluence of the Ceulan and Leri rivers in Talybont, Mid-Wales and produced Tweed for suit making. Motive power was provided using both water wheels from the river, and workers, to power the looms and spinning machinery.

Unfortunately, little history can be found about the mills. What can be ascertained is that they were built on the site of an old furnace which smelted the lead from local lead mines dating back to 1642. The mills themselves were built at some time around 1858.  Meaningful production ceased around 1958-60, in-line with when the UK becoming a net cotton importer and the general demise of the industry that put and end to over 800 mills.  At this time the two mills were purchased and ran until the end of 1980 as a popular tourist attraction.  In August of 1981 the whole site, including a 6 bedroom house, the two tweed mills, a craft shop and 14 acres of land around the river bank with shooting & fishing rights, were put up for sale at a guide price £150’000.

The site appears never to have been sold and has gradually fallen into decay since. The mill photographed here and the rest of the Leri complex received a Grade II listing in 1997 as it represents a comprehensive example of Welsh cotton industries.

Modified: 6th Feb 2018