Central Power Station Switchgear Control Room, Bromborough

Central Power Station was built in 1918 to serve the industrial works owned by the Lever Brothers.  Initially, it consisted of three chain grate coal fired boiler and a 5megawatt generator set.  The power stations capacity was expanded during the following decade when another three boilers and 6.25megawatt generator set were installed to serve the local area. Both Bromborough Docks and Port Sunlight Village had recently introduced electricity and the power station was quick to capitalise.

Many of the factories surrounding the power station also utilised steam and during the 1950’s, a successful pilot scheme to install a back pressure generator was trialled. High pressure steam was supplied to the back generator, and the resulting low pressure steam was fed to the industrial processes. The successful scheme paved the way for a new power station, Merseyside Power Station, that operated through until 1998. During the same period as the construction of the powerstation, the electricity supply was connected to MANWEB.

In 1998 when UniLever announced that the oil fired power station was to close. During the run up to this announcement the original power station had provided back up duties for the surrounding industry. All that remains is a 11kV switchgear control room.

Modified: 23rd May 2022