Celuan Mill, Talybont, Wales

In the middle of the 19th Century, the Morgan Family constructed a new woolen mill in Talybont on the banks of the River Celuan, this was the only mill to be in this location. Four other woolen mills were constructed nearby along the banks of the River Leri. The Celuan Mill is thought to have been in operation from 1860 until 1962. The mill had two types of water wheel fitted throughout its life – a standard water wheel dating from 1891, and a Pelton type water wheel that was added sometime later. In the early 20th century the mill was converted to generate electricity from these wheels and reportedly supplied the local area with electrical power.

Celuan Mill represents a quite comprehensive mill that carried out all stages of woollen production and processing, and for this reason the mill received a Grade II* listing in 1997, however the mill currently lies in a derelict state slowly decaying.


Modified: 23rd May 2022