South Foreland Battery, Dover

During World War 2 the Nazis placed a number of large guns on the French coast with the mission to bombard the English Coast, namely Dover.  This spiralled into a duel between the British gunners and the German gunners with a number of new batteries being built on cliffs at Dover.

One such battery was the South Foreland Battery which had four 9.2″ guns installed; each with a range of 30,000 yards.  Many of the surface features have been demolished and the guns long since removed, however the Deep Shelters, underground plotting rooms and the ammo bunkers still exists.

The deep shelters were constructed to offer protection for the gun crews when they were under attack.  The two plotting rooms were used to target to guns and were both manned by a staff of twenty five personnel.  The ammo bunkers were buried deep into the cliff tops to offer protection to them from bombardment; they were heavily encased in concrete.

Modified: 6th Nov 2017