Lydden Spout Battery Deep Shelter, Dover

During World War II, both the Nazi’s and the British placed Large Cross Channel guns on the cliff tops overlooking the strait of Dover.  Throughout the War a duel raged between the two sides and this gunnery dual earned the area the name “Hellfire Corner”.

To counter the German aggression, Churchill ordered Dover to be heavily Fortified and two 14″ Guns nicknamed “Winnie” and “Pooh” were installed at St Margaret’s Bay. These initially proved ineffective, whilst boosting morale, and Churchill order another three Batteries to be built at South Foreland, Fan Bay and Wanstone.  In 1941, three more six inche guns were added to the inventory at Lydden Spout.  The battery was supported by an officers mess, underground ammo storage and a deep shelter dug into the cliff tops.

Modified: 6th Nov 2017