Carshalton Park Air Raid Shelter, Surrey

Prior to World War II, the central government commissioned local authorities to undertake a survey of their area to ascertain if there were premises in shopping, business and other areas where the public were likely to congregate more than seven minutes’ walk from the homes. The result of this led to a series of buried trenches being dug in numerous boroughs throughout the country to provide protection to the local population. Carshalton was no different and set about constructing accommodation for a total of 7000 people in various parks throughout their borough.  Carshalton Park had one such Trench shelter constructed in it, with accommodation provided for 1000 people.

Park Location No. of people to be accommodated
St Helier 3000
Carshalton Park 1000
Wrythe Green 1000
Stanley Park 1000
Banstead Road 400
Harold Road (in conjunction with Sutton & Cheam Council) 500

After the war, many of the shelters across the country were simply bricked up, covered over and forgotten.  The bunker was in a very good condition; there we no graffiti or signs that the local kids had accessed it at all.  Light fixtures, wiring, the rotting heaps of benches and other artefacts where still in situ.

Modified: 23rd May 2022