The Demolition of Cane Hill

With the closure of Cane Hill in 1991, the subsequent decay and damage to the buildings has meant that refurbishment of the buildings have been deemed unsuitable by English Partnerships and a developer has not stepped forward that has been willing to risk the development.  English Heritage has also deemed the majority of the site unworthy of Listing as Whittingham Hospital is a truer form of the Radiating Pavilion plan; although this is a much disputed decision and Whittingham has also not been listed.   The Administration building, Chapel and Water Tower are to be saved as they have been locally listed, although there are fears that they will remain empty for some years to come.

With these decisions English Partnerships, now the Housing & Community Agency, finalised the demolition contract with Squibbs and Davies and demolition of the site commenced at the end of July with an 18 month deadline to finish.  It is estimated that the value of the reclaimed materials is in the area of 3-4 million.

As of the summer 2009, the demolition had claimed all the of corridor system, the central services, the main hall and all but four wards.  The Chapel, water tower and administration block had undergone asbestos removal and structural surveys.  The aerial photos have been supplied by Scaphoid.

Modified: 23rd May 2022