Pripyat Swimming Pool Azure and Middle School #5

This swimming pool was featured in the game Call of Duty. and we did not pretend at all that we were soldiers whilst we were in the zone…. Seeing a pool devoid of water makes you realise just how big they were, we loved this place. Right next door was one of the many middle schools of Pripyat, so we took a stroll around the corner and had a look. This building was huge and being laid out like a figure of eight, it seemed to go on for ever. Strewn about the place were hundreds of gas masks, stored within the basement of the building in fear of the Americans bombing the Soviet Union. This was one of the most moving places to visit, and left us with a profound sense of the real human tragedy and emotion of the disaster. Hidden within the woods from this area was the sandbucket that had been used to remove debris from Reactor 4, and then dump sand within the hall itself. This is the most radioactive object within the city, with radiation levels around 2000 times higher than the background measurement

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Modified: 6th Nov 2017