Cultural Palace and Fun Fair

This is probably the most famous spot within the City limits, everyone who visits is taken to see the Fun Fair that was never used.  It was built for the May Day celebrations and was only used once before it was abandoned in the evacuation of Pripyat.  The Fun Fair sits on a square of tarmac out the back of the Culture Palace “Energetik”, which is a play on Power Plant Worker and Energetic.  The Culture Palace was the centre of the city, with a theatre, cinema, shooting range, swimming pool and sports hall.  It was fantastic to see this place, and finally see that Ferris wheel. Interestingly the area of the fun fair was used as a landing area for the helicopters that were tackling the fire at the power station. Near a drain in the middle there is a remarkably ‘hot’ area of contamination that results from where the helicopters were ‘cooled’ and washed with water.

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Modified: 23rd May 2022