A new photography section

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For the last 9 years of operating TheTimeChamber has always had a photography section glued to side of it. We haven’t ever done much with it, other than sling up a random selection of photographs that we are pleased with. When we switched  the website over to running on WordPress, we added a few tutorials and musings and got know further. But as the website has grown, along with our photography, we have kind of forgotten about it and left it dormant.

That was until about a year ago when we created photo.thetimechamber.co.uk and started another WordPress site to try and create a photography based section away from our Urban Exploration. We promptly forgot about it and got distracted by other things.  This wasn’t going to well, it it just couldn’t get off the ground. We would rather be outside doing other things, than trying to find that code snippet and compile a selection of photos. In idly browsing the web, we came across a WordPress theme that caught our eye, and after installing it, the photo section was born proper.  Using Portfolios, we can now display all manner of photos in an ordered manner. Old photography related blog posts will be slowly moved across and updated. Eventually, we plan to try and sell a prints few too.

We hope you like it, you can find it at: