Wales Road Trip 2017 (Video)

We apologise, we made a video. We couldn’t help ourselves. But with the advent of cheap FoPro’s and easy to access editing software, it seemed like a good thing to try out. We have jumped on the bandwagon and joined the 1.4 million other urban exploration videos on Youtube.

So here it is, a short video of our roadtrip as the two of us as we journeyed around Wales. Highlights included wet feet, many photos, one lost scarf, a fall down a hill, one rotten floorboard, 2 ‘almost’ punctures on the car, missed turns and the jetboil working hard. Tea was our fuel, welsh bogs our nemesis and fish and chips in Aberystwyth our motivation. Don’t worry, we aren’t bringing you 60 minutes of tear jerkingly slow, shaky and dull footage.