Heading into 2014 – Image Sizes & Mobile Web

Over the last 18 months we have had a number of people email us, or speak to us in person, and express there dissatisfaction that the images on the website are so small.  As we have now entered 2014, we plan to overhaul various parts of the website and improve the experience.  We also plan to become more active in our social media presence and shy away from using Twitter to berate the train companies for their inefficiencies.

We are currently looking at making the website more accessible for mobile devices.  We have taken a look at our analytics over a third of our visitors are now using mobile devices. We have also recently learnt that the search engine indexing algorithms penalise websites that are not mobile friendly.  This means that if someone searches using a mobile device, a websites ranking is decreased for that search.

So watch this space, we should have a mobile version up and running after we have cleared out some bugs.

Finally, we have used our analytics to study the screen resolution of our visitors.  We believe we can afford to display images at a size larger than they currently are, without alienating over 50% of our users.  Plans are afoot to make the website dynamic and scalable, so that it fits the viewers resolution.

Please use the poll below to let us know if you want to see larger images, or not.