Connections – a shout to a friend

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in a fix. Some people need money, some people need bailing out and other people just need a hand. Earlier this week we found our website offline and on investigation we discovered that the hosting company had done something odd. We don’t know exactly what it was, but the index file for the site was lost in the ether, and the PHP was downgraded. All this had the effect of killing off the site for a number of hours. No money is made from our site so we hadn’t lost out, although the thought has crossed on minds on a number of occasions, but having it offline irked us.


Step in Tumbles, owner of WhateversLeft. After a quick rant via our Facebook page about the helpful nature of our hosting company, he stepped forward an offered to host our site for us. This was followed by a quick round of emails, one massive download and a transference of the DNS settings (eh, what?), we found ourselves sitting comfortably on a new server. So, this is a quick shout of appreciation to having a friend step forward and help us out.